Quick Start Challenge 2018 Testimonial

Hello anyone and everyone who finds this page!

My son, Damian, and I, completed the Quick Start Challenge, for 2018, and I just did a quick testimonial
for it. I did it on video, however, my computer's ram is getting bad, so the video may be choppy, and
because of that, I turned off my webcam after I introduced myself.

Please excuse my look, I'm overweight (for now, I'm starting Keto with my wife) and I'm balding from my
moms dad and MY dad! So I have a double whammy of it. So I wore my beloved Vikings hat! Don't kill me
if you are an NFL Fan and HATE my vikes! I'm actually more of a native 49ers Fan, but when Adrian Peterson
was drafted to the Vikings, I became a big fan. Now I'm a browns fan too. I don't have any of the gear from
another team yet, though. So, Adrian Peterson and the Browns? Can you guess why??? Baker Mayfield! So if
Baker Mayfield and Adrian Peterson, can you guess why again? Boomer Sooner!!!!

Oh, yes, I'm weird. I'm not an okie, but I live in Oklahoma, yet I'm a native 49ers fan, so what does that mean?
You probably guessed it. I'm from California. Born and Raised. I am from Stockton, and the 49ers used to come
to my home city to practice at Delta College, so I would go watch them. Then when I moved up to Rocklin, they
had started practicing there, and I was older, so watched them again, this time understanding who Jerry Rice
was, Steve Young, Joe Montana, it was great to get to watch them. I love the OU Sooners and follow them, for
every game, but only on tv. Because I went to the school of hard knocks, I did not go to college anywhere.

I moved out on my own and to Oklahoma, when I was 18. I met the love of my life when I was nearly 20, and married
her when I was just about 21. We just celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary, and we have 4 awesome kids.
21 year old Damian, 19 year old Corbin, 14 year old Connor (He is the one sleeping on my desktop, when a toddler,
that is my favorite picture of him and is my current background on my monitors) and our only daughter, my princess,
Lyric, who is about to turn 12 as of the time I'm writing this.

I'm not brand new to Affiliate Marketing, I've floundered around it since sometime around 2000 maybe 1999 or so.
I first went online about 1997. It was sometime after that. When I first went online, we did not have a computer
but we had bought a "webtv" it allowed us to go online and view websites, on our tv! I would look at websites
and wonder how they did that, so I'd look at the source code of the websites and figured out how they work, from
the code. I played with it, even writing out code on PAPER!!! Wow, those were the days!
In 1998 we got our first computer, and became aware. We first went online through AOL. Dial up internet. For you
millennials, you would have died trying to live with that! Dial up internet was HORRIBLE.
1997 was not the actual first time I went online, it was the first time with my family. I went online when I was
about 16 or so, it was around 1989 or 1990, I was living with my dad (now deceased[died last year]), and my cousin
came to stay with us for a few months and he had a computer with a service called "Prodigy"... Very interesting!!
I never forgot those days of being online! It did for sure put a bug in my head.

So in 1998 when we got our first computer, AOL was the best game in town... I loved being online so much,
I found there was a local AOL call center, so I went to work for them. Now that was very, very interesting
seeing the backend of "The Internet".

Well, long, long story made short, sorry for all the gab... I've now been online for 20 years as of this year!
I've had so many ups and downs, I should write a book, and it would be like a roller coaster!

Anyhow, so now you know a little about me. If you follow me on my blog, maybe you'll just learn, the rest of the story.
(Homage to Paul Harvey)

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