My Introduction

Hello, welcome back.

If you seen my other blog post, my first one, you may have seen why I started this blog, and what my goals for it, are.

I also mentioned that I am taking part in the Quick Start Challenge 2018, so I want to now let you know what my dreams
are about, learn my real "why", "how", and "when"... yes, all 3 and maybe more. The Challenge asked me to think on this
carefully, so I've spent the past 5 days in deep thought, prayer, focus, meditation and thinking on exactly those things.

Here is what I came up with. First of all, I'm not motivated by "money", well, not the way you may think.

I want you to know what I view money as. Money is a tool. That is all it is. It is for a protection, the same as wisdom is,
according to the best book in the world (If you want to know what book that is, if you are not familiar with that statement,
then ask in the comment section, and I'll privately let you know. Because this Blog is not about those types of things, or politics.
So, being that Money is a tool, I don't care about having all I can grab with both of my hands, and I don't care about you having to
keep your hands of my stack, as Pink Floyd says.

I just want to use money to accomplish some things, and that, in a nut shell, is what this blog post will be about.

So, now that I've told you my view of money, the second thing I want you to know, is that I am a family man, I have a wife of 23
year as of just the other day, and together, we have 4 amazing kids. Damian is our eldest child, and he is going to be joining
me on this endeavor.

So as a family man, and as my first blog shown, a business man, I have some desires I want, and that desire, can have a dollar
figure put on it, but for the life of me, I could not figure it out, so here is the answer as best I can figure, $1.00.
$1.00? Yes, $1.00 more than it would take. How much is that? God only knows.

What is that desire? What could I possibly want, that is hard to figure out? Well, I'm no prophet, so I cannot see the future,
how long I have, how long I'll have my kids, my wife, my mom, my brother, or any of my loved ones.

So here is my desire. I don't want to tell me kids NO, because we are broke, and cannot rub two dimes together, I want to say
No, to not spoil them. I want to be able to provide for them where I can pull out my checkbook, or wallet, and pay for their
needs, like new shoes, new shirts, shorts, underwear, socks, you know, their basic necessities of life, that for so many
years of my married life, I have been unable to do.

How much would that take? Well, it is hard to say, it could be a little as $1,000 per month. That being $1,000 more per month
in earnings than I earn now. But would that really let me get them the things I've never been able to do before?

What about a house? We live in a 4 bedroom brand new house, that we rented. We drive down a beat up car that is falling
apart, and is the only car we have, the only good part of it, is we own it outright, no loan on it.

So, in my last few days, I've been pondering, what would our life look like, if I could take a pen, and re-write our life?
Give us anything that Bill Gates could have with a flick of his wrist...

Here is what I came up with and it shocked me, when I came up with it, because I counted it 3 times, and the numbers were
all correct. Now remember, this is if I could take a pen and had Bill Gates resources, what would I need to have this new
life? Each Month? That was the challenge, and here is my answer, take a deep breath, because it hit me over the head.

Twenty Thousand Dollars.

That is $20,000 and not per year, per month!

How can that be?

Well, when I figured these things.

1) I have 2 adult children already, so that would be 4 cars, and 4 cars we all would "want", not have to settle on.
2) We need a house that we could all live in, have separate places to go to, so we could have our own space, and a yard where
we could have the things we want to have.
3) We need the resources to accomplish the things we want to do, like travel and help others.

This all came out to a staggering twenty grand per month. Wow.

So then I thought about it, 20 x 12 = 240 so that is just $240,000 per year.
I could have a job that earned that much, not like it is millions per year.

I can do this.

I can really have our dream life.

What does this dream house look like? 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 3500 sqft minimum.
Here where we live, that payment would be about $1500 per month, not bad at all, for something
as nice as I would have it be.

The 4 vehicles, now vehicles are expensive these days, wow, so crazy, unless of course
you want some car that will fall apart in a few years. The nice ones, like my car would
be a 2019 Dodge Ram 1500, decked out, the one I have my eye on, is $70,000 (wowsers)...
and my boys want cars that would be about 34k each, and my amazing wife, she just wants
a new SUV, but those can be upwards of $50k, to get one good enough to keep one you love

What do you think? Please tell me in the comments below, think I'm nuts? Better yet,
tell me, what would you do, if you had a pen that would let you script your life, financially
using Bill Gates resources? I'd love to read what you would do.

Thank you for reading, and check back, I'm sure the next steps of the challenge are going
to have me do some stuff that you'll want to check out. 🙂