My First Blog Post

Hello, I am creating this first blog post to introduce what this website is all about.

First of all, I've joined the "The Quick Start Challenge" for 2018... so if you are in there too, awesome, if not, please keep reading to see why I am creating this post and this website, and if you want to get started with the Quick Start Challenge too, let me know, I can probably find you a link to join it, if it is still open.

Secondly, I created this website to help me be able to make a little money each day, so that I can use those funds to create another website that is about marketing, to help businesses grow, so they can grow their business more, which will help their community, and hopefully the business owners will expand their businesses, give raises to their current employees and hire more people, then I'll be able to hire thousands of people worldwide as well, thus helping my local community and other communities nationwide as well.

So this website was setup to use the Challenge to help me make the money to invest the profits to help me get that other website setup.

What is my goal?

It will cost me about $203,987.00 to build the software we need to automate the other website, and about $100,000 to be able to hire the best people and give them a signing bonus to join us (I want to hire tons of people, so not like 1 person is getting a 100k bonus!! 🙂 lol - the website will allow us to hire someone in each city in places we want to target, cities with a minimum of 65k people).

Plus, I have a family that I need to support, my wife, Chantelle, we've been married since September 2, 1995, and we have 4 amazing children, 3 boys and 1 daughter, our daughter was our last baby, so she has 3 big brothers. So I'd like to make about $600 per week extra money to be able to support them. Yes only $600 per week is all we need for just our bills to be paid (I currently already bring in about $200 per week in residual income, so need an increase of about $400 per week to bring Chantelle home from cleaning houses), we are not trying to get rich, we just want to help others make all the money they would like to make as well. Our goal is to help others, and we know that if we do that, we will always be able to get by.

So please join us, and you'll see the amazing things we are about to offer.
Huge bonus offers will always be in there, as long as we are able to. If we cannot provide a bonus, we will let you know why, so expect if you don't see that we could not, that you'll get amazing huge bonus offers!

My Best Wishes,
-Richard, Chantelle, Damian and Corbin Jones ( Richard wrote this, if you cannot tell... ;o) Damian and I are doing this together at the moment. Chantelle had major surgery, so she will follow suit soon and Corbin wants me to show him we are doing good on it. )
(Damian and Corbin are our adult children, born in that same order [1997 and 1998])

PS> To help us reach our goal, if you are looking for a way to help, we are open to taking small donations which will be specifically earmarked towards us reaching our goal, herein stated.

Here is a PayPal donate button:

I would MUCH Rather you share our website, because we want to earn the funds as best as possible.