About Me

My name is Richard Jones, my wife, Chantelle and I will be regularly posting new content on this website.

So you may be wondering what this website was created for, what is the end goal? what are our plans? Why should you be here?

Honestly, this is really my first attempt at doing something like this. My background is in programming and automation.
I am self taught and had to work my tail off for every success I've ever had. And everything I have been through has taught me
that we need a way, especially in this world, to allow a business to choose how much they want to grow, so they can fulfill all their
objectives, like expansion, giving raises, and no longer having sleepless nights, worrying over payroll, hiring more people, etc.

So I am creating a brand new project, that will allow me to hire thousands of people across our nation, and automate how they can
sign up businesses to this system. It is about allowing a business to share resources with other business owners in their community
without doing that with their direct competition, and their competition can do it also, but just not along with their direct competition.
We want every business to be able to benefit, and because a group will pull their resources, they can share the expenses, and therefore
save massive amounts of money and still reach huge amounts of people.

That project is going to cost me a total of just over $300,000.00 (closer to $303,987.00) which also includes $100,000 to let me hire a bunch of people (close to 100 people, maybe more, maybe a few less) and offer signing bonuses to bring them on and get them started.

This website, will let me put together amazing offers, which we call Huge Bonus Offers, on products that you can probably find other places, but by buying through us, you will get a huge bonus, as well as help us put a little money towards that goal. We do accept donations as well, if you want to give to our goal, we would LOVE your help, and would give you a receipt so you can claim it on your taxes. To donate, click here.

We hope to get you some amazing deals and great huge bonus offers. So join my list, follow our blog, and stay on top of everything we are doing.
I'll share results of our goals, how the project is coming and how you may be able to help as well, here on this blog and in the future on this website.

So here is to all your success in whatever you are wanting to do in your life, we wish you all the success you can have and hope we can help our clients have the same successes.

My Very Best Wishes,
-Richard Jones
(and Chantelle, Damian and Corbin [our two adult children])